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 iPhone Development Diploma in AMIT Learnining



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: 04/06/2011

: iPhone Development Diploma in AMIT Learnining    08 2011, 8:30 pm

iPhone Development Diploma in AMIT Learning (iPhone Course in Egypt)
Which mobile device should I target for my application or how to develop iphone applications? That's one of the first questions you need to answer as a mobile developer. You might select the device based on personal preference or what looks cool today. The problem is that mobile technology choices are diverse and evolving quickly.
So, you wish to learn how to deal with Camera, Internet, Accelerometer, Google maps, video, audio and different media, learn how to use SQL Database on a mobile phone, how to Create an iPad or iPhone App.! It seems interesting but it will take a lot of time, isnt it?
Would you like to start your online business in the mobile development Field and you lack both knowledge and Time, it happens with all of us.
The answer for many questions is to go with iPhone development; with iPhone development you will have the following:
1- Easy to implement applications with very powerful user interface in short time.
2- Full Environment for development powered with Testing and debugging tools.
3- The most successful online store to start your business on it.
4- You will learn a lot of Apples APIs that will facilitate the Development and the Time of your application to market.
5- Easy to implement APIs to use Camera, Accelerometer, Wi-Fi connections, SQL Data bases, Import and use Google Maps.. etc.
How will I gain money learning iphone programming?
Apple offers an online market for application called App Store that you can simply upload your application on it; once anyone download your application to his iPhone device, you get $1. Imaging that 1000 persons downloaded your application, it would be a $1000. By this criteria many private business companies has aroused, they just produced many and many applications in order to upload it on App Store that in return gain a lot of money. On the other hand, you can work at one of those companies specialized in iPhone development as a software Engineer.
What should I know to join AMIT Learning iPhone Diploma or iphone developers course?
You simply need to be aware of OOP principles Object Oriented Programming, as the Objective C the programming language used in iPhone development- is OOP based. IF you are aware of C#, Java, C++...etc, you are already suitable to join us and you are ready to learn how to develop iphone apps.

How Could iPhone Diploma in AMIT Learning give an aid to me?
We provide the best instructors in the field, who already have their own business in iPhone development that produces many iPhone applications on AppStore

This link contains more information about iPhone device
For more information contact us iPhone learning center:
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iPhone Development Diploma in AMIT Learnining
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